Château de Versailles, Three Centuries of Music

The new issue of Classica puts the focus on the musical history of the chateau de Versailles. The main article, "A l'écoute de Versailles" (Listening to Versailles), by Philippe Venturini, takes the readers on a musical tour in chateau de Versailles, describing the habits and tastes of the royal residents, and where, in the chateau, the various concerts and musical events took place along the years.
"Visite guidée.Versailles.Trois siècles de Musique", Classica, n°123, June 2010.

(The older issues of many French magazines are now available for download from a website called Relay.com. Here is the Classica page. It's a payed service. As I never tried it, I can't tell whether it's OK, safe, etc. I'm just passing on the information. )

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