Evrard Titon du Tillet & The French Parnassus

The French Parnassus monument was created by the scultptor Louis Garnier, but Garnier only did what he was told to do. The author of the project was Evrard Titon du Tillet.

Evrard Titon du Tillet was born in Paris on January 16, 1677.
His father, Maximilien Titon, seigneur d'Ognon, was a counsellor to the Parlement of Paris. Evrard studied law and became a lawyer, but his father wanted him to be a soldier.
In 1697 he was captain of a Dragoon Regiment when peace left him unemployed. He bought the position of maître d'hôtel at the duchesse de Bourgogne's (Louis XV's mother). In 1712, the duchesse died and Evrard lost his job. He got back to the army, as a superintendent of the War.
He had started his French Parnassus in the years 1708 and it became a lifelong project.
Evrard died in Paris on december 26, 1762.

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