Dress for Dance (II)

Costume Colloquium : Dress for Dance
Florence, November 4 - 7, 2010

Following the great success of the first Costume Colloquium (held in Florence 6-9 November 2008 and attended by over 315 participants from 26 countries with 39 presentations on 8 themes), there will be a second symposium in November 2010 on the subject of Dress for Dance.

The topics of Costume Colloquium II: Dress for Dance will include the following themes:
History of dance costume for professional performance: theatre, ballet, cinema, etc.
Dress for traditional and ceremonial dance: costume as expressions of cultures
Fashion and popular dance: relationship between new styles of dance and fashionable dress, past and present
Creating dance costume: designers, artists, artisans, stylists, tailors, seamstresses using traditional, experimental and/or contemporary materials and techniques
Historical dance re-enactment: getting the steps and the clothing right
Dance costume in museums and archives: collecting designs and surviving costume, conservation, display techniques
Documenting dance dress: dress as documents and documents of dress
Dance costume and artistic expression: their reciprocal relationship


The presentations of the first symposium are available for download on the site. You have to register, but it's free.

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